Loose Ends is two-phase oddity about things left imperfect, unresolved, or incomplete, one part open call and one part event.

open call

Farid found an SD card full of photos of his trip to Vietnam five years ago. Siew Ying contributed some flash fiction to a hip new online journal called s/mores, but it failed to launch. Jeremy wrote a song for a friend when things got awkward between them and will never, ever show it to her. Anitha remembers her unfinished YouTube short film about a hand that lost its body, still sitting on her hard drive waiting to be uploaded.

We’re calling for creative work (image, text, sound, video) about loose ends. We want stuff that’s been rejected elsewhere, stuff that you used to think was amazing but you’re not so sure of now, stuff that doesn’t feel polished, professional, or resolved. Like stray threads, we’d prefer too short to too long.

Send all your loose ends to hellolooseends@gmail.com by 14 May.

Everyone is also invited to the LOOSE ENDS editing party on 21 May 8pm-10pm, at Puck Provisions (618 Serangoon Road 01-01, Singapore 218220). There, we will collectively make sense of the pile of stuff we’ve got and try to turn it into some coherent whole, some fine mess. Expect sheets of paper stuck on walls and unstuck, fragments coalescing, patterns forming and dissolving in turn. Comment on the work, kindly. Make friends with your co-editors and grab your favourite drink.

RSVP for the event via the same email. (Enquiries that way too!)

Participate in your own capacity, at your own speed:

submit only √
attend only √
submit + attend √

If we’re all fraying, maybe we have to figure out our loose ends together.